Natural Mineral Water

Drawn from the aquifer within the Estate


Our Natural Mineral Water is part of a centuries-old tradition which began in the 12th Century when Henry II built a pleasure pool for his mistress, Rosamund Clifford.

Discover Blenheim Palace

Discover the home of our water and explore over 300 years of history at Blenheim Palace.

Our Bottles

We have chosen glass over plastic bottles as a low-cost recyclable material, the end product of our glass bottles is 100% reuse in the UK.

The Estate

Our water is produced within the heart of Blenheim Estate and is available on-site in our restaurant and cafés.

Our Awards

At the British Bottler's Institute in 2017, we were awarded Gold for our Still Natural Mineral Water and Silver for our Sparkling Natural Mineral Water.

British Bottlers Institute Gold and Silver Award

Fine Dining

Our water is available for wholesale and consumer purchase nationally and internationally and is the preferred choice for many prestigious restaurants and hotels.